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As a homeowner i know how important it is to do a fall check up on my roof. I know a few Derby roofers that say if everyone checked their roof in the fall they would have half as many cave-ins and far less ice damming leaks. What these Derby roofing contractors are trying to say is that you need to check your roof for damages early so you do not have to pay for the emergency roofing repairs which will cost more through the Derby roofing company and also cost more to damages that occur on the interior of the home.

Fall Check Up Every Year

This is a must if you want to avoid big costs down the road, especially for climates with extreme cold and snow.

Clean Gutters and Down Spouts 

You do not want snow accumulation, but rather you want the snow to get melted and to leave your gutters without getting stuck. To ensure this is the norm on your roof in Derby be sure to remove all debris, ice, and snow from the drains and gutters. Do this throughout the season of snow we all know too well. You will thank us that you did.

How to Seal a Skylight

Administer roofing cementer under the shingles that surround the skylight. Extend the cement across all joints up to the flange (the metal girdle of the skylight box).

How to Seal a Drip Edge

You will also want to flash the rake and the drip edge on your roof. Seal the rake edge by putting roofing cement all the way to the edge along the downward slope. Whatever you do, make sure not to seal the drip edge along the flat face of the eave. The last thing that you want to do on your roof is to block the drain holes, but this is exactly what this will do.

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    thanks for the tips. i will recommend this to my friends!

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