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It may be hard to believe but our now large roofing company in Enid was once a very small, one man crew siding company about 20 years. We have grown into a complete roof repair team of hardworking professionals, able to conquer any roof replacement needed.
Do you have a leaky roof or is your roof just getting too old? If you do not think your roof will make it through the next big storm, you need to check out our free roofing estimates. We supply the leading products to all of our customers with no up-charge! Our Enid roofing company is known for staying up to date on new techniques, green materials, safety habits, design, products and more. We will never leave a mess, we keep your house clean while we do our repairs. Because we are there to fix your problems not create new ones.
– For around 20 years we have been serving the Enid community with much success, we plan to keep that going for a long time to come.

Installation recommendations for an asphalt roof shingle install.

Installation Temperature Requirements

It is perfect that shingles ought to are installed between the temperatures of 40°F (4.44°C) to 85°F (29.44°C). Whenever pounded or bowed, shingles can be fragile and break when it is underneath 40°F. They can tear get defaced all the more effortlessly when over 85°F. Roofers in Enid more often than not start before the sun ascends in hot temperatures due to this. Shingles ought to be put away in a warmed fenced in area when there are frosty temperatures.

Manual Sealing Requirements

It can be a test in chilly ranges since manual fixing might be required because of the sealant strip having issues identified with the climate. On the off chance that utilizing three-tab shingles, you ought to put two quarter-measure bits of plastic roof concrete under the base edges of every tab. In the case of utilizing covered shingles, you ought to put around six quarter-sized spots, uniformly divided, around one inch over the base of the covering shingle.

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