OVERLAND PARK roofing company – Chimney flashing

Overland Park roofing is now the leading company for chimney repairs, chimney leaks and removing and replacing chimney flashing. 

The Chimney

Most people don’t think about the chimney when it comes to home or roof maintenance, and even if they do, they usually forget about it. Do not be one of these people, as this is an important part of it all as well. Moisture could be getting in here as well, and this is a big problem. Make sure that the mortar of the chimney is not crumbling, and make sure that the chimney pot is not damaged in any way. Block off your chimney from the elements entirely if you do not use it at all. You do not want to spend money here for a professional Overland Park roofer to have to come fix it.

Other pieces of the chimney to watch out for are the fastenings and the cowl. You want them to be painted with a galvanized iron primer to ensure no corrosion. If they are in bad shape, then look up how to fix them or just have them replaced.

Chimney Flashing roofing repairs in Overland Park

Use a hammer and a chisel to get rid of the caulking that joins the flashing to the chimney. Use the caulk between the two. Use roofing cement between the step flashing and the cap. The best Overland Park roofing contractor can easily fix this for you. The first step is to contact a Overland Park roofing repair company and tell them your issue they will likely come to you the next day to estimate the problem.

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